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Charleston Plantation Tours

Boone Hall Tour

Tour the only working plantation still in existence at Boone Hall. Your personal tour guide will walk you through a private adventure in a 4+ hour tour in this intimate setting. From the beautiful oak framed entrance to the working gardens, you’ll become enthralled with its grandeur.

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Magnolia Gardens Tour

Enjoy a 4 hr tour of America's oldest privately owned gardens with chauffeured limo service and a personal expert tour guide. See the hidden gems of this botanical wonder immersed in thousands of exotic flowers and plants.

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    The Old South is well known for beautiful antebellum homes and historical architecture, and Charleston Plantation Tours with Crafted Travel brings you behind the scenes of the most stunning sites located near Charleston, SC. Many of these breathtaking plantation homes are just a short drive from downtown Charleston, and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Embark on a scenic journey to these historic plantations which are visually impressive and accompanied by history and unique stories that enrich the overall experience. During each tour, you’ll be privy to the narratives of local families who built these beautiful homes and those who wandered their halls. Your experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will lead you through a historical journey so vibrant that you'll feel like you stepped back in time and into a novel. Experience the romantic settings from movies like The Notebook, The Patriot, and Gone With The Wind, as you imagine yourself immersed in the thrilling stories. Take your time as you wind through rows of majestic live oak trees and lush landscapes that have endured decades of hurricanes, earthquakes, and bygone war.

    If you’re an eager student of architecture or history buff, this sprawling plantation tour provides a look at the foundation and evolution of life in the Lowcountry. In a single afternoon, you’ll travel to another place in time and back again, witnessing firsthand the way these plantations have been maintained, changed and restored over the course of hundreds of years. Learn about the establishment of each unique plantation, their complex history, and how their presence inspired local development and culture. Behind-the-scenes tours of the mansions and estates provide a glimpse into their timeless design and the lives of those who resided within the very historic walls you pass through. Your group can move at your own pace as you wander picturesque gardens, weaving through ancient oak trees dripping in Spanish moss and the secrets of years passed. Each Charleston Plantation Tour offers a unique, breathtaking glimpse into the past that can’t truly be appreciated through the pages of a book. Experience the rich history of the Lowcountry for yourself with a Charleston Plantation Tour that takes you on a tour through time.